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"I feel that 2buy2 is a really good company to work for. I am proud to be employed by 2buy2 and really feel the mission statement behind the company is really rewarding when helping our customer base.

I have to say the people make a job and all members of staff I work with are very approachable, friendly and very kind-hearted."

Zara, Customer Services Account Executive

"At 2buy2 I feel like I’m part of a community of like-minded people, where we are all striving to provide services for our customers while keeping our values close to heart.

Friendly and more than accommodating, I've never felt out of place or unvalued. I've also been able to grow my knowledge and attain certifications with support and guidance from 2buy2."

Milo, Desktop Support Tehnician

“From accidentally coming across the job opportunity and the name that reminded me of Noah’s Ark to the interview and the emotion of being offered the job. I instantly felt that this was a place I would love to work. Excellence in customer service is something I am truly passionate about and 2buy2 offers both passion and excellence to its customers and I am very proud to be a part of this company."

Rachel, Customer Service Account Executive

"Family like, friendly environment, with flexible working options if your role allows, with lots of car parking, cheap gym and access to a subsidised Canteen. 

Within 2buy2 you can progress, improve and take the lead on tasks. If your improvement ideas are good not only do you get the credit but you're normally involved in making it a reality."

Josh, Junior Infrastructure Engineer

"I like the people and the vision. I love being part of the bigger picture of helping so many organisations, and I think we have a great team!"

Gemma, Executive Assistant

"2buy2 is an exciting and innovative place to work in. The workplace is exciting, fun and friendly where everyone is valued and everyone has a key part to play in taking the business to an exciting future."

Nathan, Regional Procurement Manager