Energy Management

Don't have time to source the best energy deals? Losing track of renewals? Paying too much Broker commission?

Now, more than ever managing the Energy for your organisation involves so much more than using a comparison tool once a year, going with the cheapest deal and forgetting about it.

Good energy management involves mitigating many risks, such as rising energy prices and climate change legislation. 

Saving energy is vital. Having an organised and cohesive approach maximises the benefits. We can help.

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Our Energy Management solution

  • Single point of contact for market intelligence, contract management and customer services

  • Covers all utilities (gas, power, oil, water, and renewables)

  • No hidden commissions/charges 

  • Tracking contract renewals 

  • Bill Validation (VAT, invoices, estimates checked)

The benefits

Time saved on looking for contracts & full control of contracts signed

Access specially negotiated contracts not available to the wider market 

ESOS/SECR energy audits, renewable solutions & efficiencies identified

Hedging, via our Energy Desk partner, if suitable


The downside to using a supplier: 

  • Time spent looking for contracts
  • No access to discounted contracts or deals
  • Keeping track of contract renewals to avoid out of contract rates
  • No access to group deals


The downside to using a broker:

  • Can be locked into contracts via
    Letters of Authority 
  • Brokers can build hidden commission into the contract rates 
  • Contract management not usually included

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