June's 2nd Kudos of the Month Winner - Morgan Broad
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June's 2nd Kudos of the Month Winner - Morgan Broad

Today we want to celebrate the second of our two Kudos of the Month winners for June: Morgan Broad!

Customer relations has been working incredibly hard this month, Morgan aided in multiple difficult tasks that the team was dealing with over June. Her focus on maintaining our professional and empathetic rapport is second to none, with her talent’s being something we hold in high regard at 2buy2.

Her work with Parish Buying, securing new energy contracts, and introducing new customers to the energy basket helped our customers save on their contracts in comparison to what they were initially spending. This was a task that required a lot of patience, dedication, and time.

Through skilfully maintaining communication in a multitude of forms, Morgan ensured that all savings opportunities were promptly followed up on and made reality.

Without her work, we would not have the same level of outstanding customer rapport we pride ourselves on. Her dedication and expertise in customer relations shines through in everything she does and the rest of us at 2buy2 have made sure she is noticed and appreciated.  

Fun fact, Morgan recently became a first-time homeowner, another great achievement! We wonder if she managed to use her talents in communication to get a good deal…

We feel very lucky to have Morgan in our team, congratulations!