How to be Net Zero Carbon
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How to be Net Zero Carbon

What does it mean to be Net Zero?

Net zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. To be Net zero, we can’t add more to the atmosphere than we’re taking away.

Think about it like a tyre with a puncture. The air you put in needs to be the same as the air going out for the tyre pressure to stay the same. The same principle applies to the amount of greenhouse gasses you produce and the amount you remove from the atmosphere.

Why is being Net Zero important?

If we want to reduce global warming and help fight against the devastating effects that climate change has had on our planet, then we need to act now. With every passing year, climate change strips more and more away from earths inhabitants, and the only ones that can change it is us.

If we want to see a brighter future for the next generation, we must start making a change now. A way that can help this, is for businesses to become Net Zero Carbon. There are a few ways to start your Net Zero Carbon journey. Any change you make now, will make a difference for the future.

What can I do to be Net Zero?

First thing you can do, is write a plan, with a clear date and end goal. It should include ways in which you aren’t being very economical as an organisation and what you can do to change that, with realistic deadlines set for each stage. 

To achieve Carbon Net Zero, you need to know the ins and outs of your organisation, getting your employees involved is a great way to begin your journey to becoming Net Zero. This can start with simple things like setting up a recycling scheme in the office. 

Becoming Net Zero might seem like a daunting task, but if it’s broken down into stages, the move doesn’t seem so difficult. Below are some starting points for starting your Net Zero Carbon journey. 

Our mission

Recognising that we are in a global climate crisis, organisations are working towards the need to cut their carbon emissions year-on-year.  Many organisations have decided to improve on the government-set target of 2035 and reduce this timescale to 2030. 

The bulk of the carbon emissions come from electricity, gas and oil used in buildings, work related travel, and those elements where we either directly control the emissions or where we have significant influence over them, these are known as Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions as defined by standard Green-house Gas (GHG) protocol. 

To help combat these emissions, 2buy2 are launching a range of net zero carbon products to aid organisations in this mission. 

How we can help you

One of the products we have introduced recently is the Solar Photovoltaic Panels (PV), these panels are an alternative source of electricity and can be used to run alternative heating sources such as Infrared Panels, and Ground and Air sourced Heat Pumps.  

They can be used for all your electrical requirements and surplus energy can be fed back onto the grid to aid other organisations to achieve their own Net Zero action plan.  

In addition, we also have a Net Zero Heating Solutions framework, which is launching in September.  This will encompass a variety of heating solutions including, infrared heaters, ground and air sourced heat pumps and hybrid boilers including bio-mass boilers, these solutions will have a big impact on how we heat our buildings whilst reducing the cost and the impact on the environment. 

Later this year, we will also be looking to launch our EV (electric vehicle) charging solution, as more and more people are switching to electric cars, the need for charging points will become increasingly necessary in more locations across the country. 

2buy2 are constantly looking at new solutions to help our customers, cut carbon emissions and achieve ‘net zero carbon’ targets, we all have to take responsibility to protect our world for tomorrow and we will continue to move forward and innovate to achieve this. 


If you would like to begin your journey to being Net Zero Carbon, do not hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to help.