The End of My Kickstart Scheme: What Comes Next?
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The End of My Kickstart Scheme: What Comes Next?

Hi again, my name’s Ashley, you may remember my initial blog post covering how I found the Kickstart scheme and what I was learning from it. After another three very quick months, my kickstart term at 2buy2 is coming to a close. Fortunately, this is less of an ending and more of an exciting next step, let me tell you why.

2buy2; across the entire six-month stint has been nothing but inviting and open to new ideas. I have learned a massive amount on marketing tools, tips, and strategies. Something you can only get through first-hand industry experience. One of the most important elements, however, is trust.

Kickstart first trusted me by taking me into their scheme, then 2buy2 trusted me and took a chance based on my abilities and drive to learn. Because of this trust I felt comfortable pitching ideas and actively taking part in the marketing strategy for 2buy2, not just feeling like an onlooker or outsider. I was and still am valued by my co-workers.

From this trust, my confidence in myself and my working ability has continued to rise throughout my time on the course. Another way my confidence rose was through the Kickstart courses offered by my work coach, they had a wide variety available, from photoshop classes through to how to effectively update your CV and interview skills post-kickstart scheme. I had fortnightly meetings with my work coach, in which we would go through the previous weeks and pick out any areas I felt I wanted to improve on or highlight personally successful workdays.

What Changed in My Last 3 Months?

One of the biggest developments from these past 3 months has been the responsibility of tasks being trusted to me, I have been integral in marketing campaigns and launching 2buy2’s new podcast – Fun with Procurement! Getting my ideas listened to and implemented in new marketing campaigns has been incredibly rewarding, planning social media posts and blogs as well as helping out with webinar and conferences meant I was learning something new every day.

I have been able to take my gratitude for 2buy2 and turn that into celebrating everyone else’s achievements through the Kudos of the Month posts. There’s a strong sense of togetherness in 2buy2 and being able to highlight that is something I am very proud of.

Working within a group has been a very enjoyable part of working within the marketing team, being able to bounce ideas back and forth from one another can help you find new, innovative ways to tackle problems. When safety allowed, we were also able to meet up in person at the office as well, even managing a combined social event with other divisions of the company that I helped organise.

Getting to finally converse with people you work with everyday in person is a surprisingly rewarding experience, finally meeting so many people I have worked with remotely was wonderful and I look forward to doing again in the future.

What Comes Next?

My time with the kickstart scheme will be over soon, having my final meeting with my work coach was bittersweet, our fortnightly run through of events helped put my time into perspective. We went through a 6 monthly review – a self-assessment that gets compared to one I filled in at the start of the scheme. The results were very fulfilling, I realised I’d improved in every aspect of my working career, one that my work coach backed up.

The future is an exciting one, with my kickstart scheme ending, 2buy2 offered me a permanent contract extension, meaning I am here to stay!

This is all thanks to the Kickstart Scheme, without its existence I would’ve never come across 2buy2 and found a permanent home, doing a job that I love. I can continue to develop my skills and work with the rest of the marketing team to be the best we possible can be.

Here's what Russell Stables, Director of Operations at 2buy2 had to say:

"The Kickstart scheme has been a really positive initiative for us as a company. We have been really impressed with the individuals who have joined us. Ashley has been a great addition to the 2buy2 marketing team, working across the business to supporting our promotional events and other marketing initiatives. We are really pleased to have been able to retain Ashley following his Kickstart placement."

I am excited to take my next steps with 2buy2 and I hope that the Kickstart Scheme stays around to help others that were in my position get the help they need to find their dream role.