Procurement Consultancy
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Procurement Consultancy

Are your procurement processes maximising income and resources in support of your core mission, or are you losing vital income through over-paying for goods and services?

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Our Procurement Consultancy Solutions

Procurement Maturity Assessment

Procurement Maturity Assessment

A comprehensive, strategic-level audit that benchmarks your procurement activities against best practice, and provides you with a detailed report, with recommendations and an action plan for delivering them.
Spend Analysis & Contracts Review

Spend Analysis & Contracts Review

Featuring our Contracts Register tool, this review provides your organisation with a benchmark of current supplier prices against our existing frameworks and deals, across all categories and spend areas.
Procurement Training

Procurement Training

Our training solutions are suitable for any level of expertise and can be delivered on-site, remotely or via interactive online platform. We cover a number of different areas so that your staff are up to speed.
Procurement In-a-Box

Procurement In-a-Box

Gives you immediate access to a selection of public and non-public sector procurement documents, templates, processes and procedures to enable you to achieve best value for your money.
Managed Tender / Quotation

Managed Tender / Quotation

One-off, managed, end-to-end tender or quotation process suitable for any area of spend, category or requirement, from ‘identification of need’ through to ‘contract award’.
Spend Analysis & Contracts Review

Bespoke Procurement

The nature of our approach to working with clients and partners means that almost all our consultancy projects are customised to a degree. We work to understand what the key issues are and design an action plan to address them.

Our process

Stage 1 - Investigation
We investigate and engage with your key stakeholders and decision makers to understand the way in which your organisation currently purchase products and processes in place.
Stage 2 - Identification
After investigation, we create a report to bring together the information we have gathered and that identifies key recommendations to enable greater control of purchasing decisions whilst reducing costs and staff times as appropriate.
Stage 3 - Implementation
You will now be in a position to know where to focus resources to get the best results. The next steps will involve re-tendering existing contracts through competitive tenders, recommending changing some of the internal procurement processes to make it simpler and easier to operate and training staff.

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