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Bespoke Procurement Consultancy

We work to understand what the key issues are and design an action plan to address them.

Working with you to create bespoke solutions for your organisation

The nature of our approach to working with clients and partners means that almost all our consultancy projects are customised.

Whether you have an internal procurement department or starting from scratch we can assist and help you where you need it most.

We work with you in understanding the problems that your organisation is facing and then design solutions and action plans to address the issues.

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Examples of bespoke consultancy services include:

  • Retained Procurement Resources:
    based remotely or on-site.

  • Procurement Competency Assessment:
    what should procurement look like for your organisation, what does that journey entail, and what would be the benefits of taking it?

  • Forward Procurement Planning:
    preparing and planning for major procurement projects, mitigating risks and ensuring best value with least possible business disruption.

  • Supplier Management and Due Diligence:
    contract negotiation and management support, supplier relationship management, supply chain analysis and supply market analysis.

  • Spend Analysis and Benchmarking:
    ensure you are getting best value for money and prepare to go to market on the front foot.

  • Toolkits:
    Procurement Risk Management and Audit, Achieving Social Value, PCR2015 Compliance Audit (publicly funded procurements)

If you cannot find a service or solution that you are looking for, please do get in touch.

Some of our eProcurement Solutions

  • White Label Procurement Portal

  • Contracts Register

  • Spend Analysis

  • Asset Management

  • Energy Estate Management
    (inc. Energy Portal, Online Meter Read tool, Bill Validation Service)

Let's discuss how

a Bespoke Precurement solution can help your organisation

Please fill our contact form and we will arrange an informal discussion to explore further how 2buy2's Bespoke Procurement Solutions can help you.
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Daryl Pride
Major Account Manager
Mobile: 07909 901141
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