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Category Specialist


I’m a category specialist, and I look after customers like Parish Buying, Church marketplace and Education buying. I work across platforms to write tenders, helping customers save money and stay compliant in the procurement exercises they conduct. I’m also a mother of one and a grandmother of one!

What do you like about working at 2buy2?

The family vibe for sure! Everyone looks out for everyone else, everyone is concerned about how others are doing. It’s a nice place to work. It’s a good vibe.

How are you changing the world for our clients?

I think by always trying to do best for our clients, whether that be through saving money, helping hit social value or, carbon reduction targets. It’s just doing whatever we can to help them, sometimes that’s by proposing ideas that customers were not even initially aware of and that’s why our expertise is respected.

What's the most important 2buy2 value and why?

It has to be integrity, if you don’t have integrity in everything you do then none of it really matters.

What are your interests?

Family is the big one for me but reading, walking and music – punk specifically – are passions of mine too. During work though I’m happiest when I’m left to my own devices to work away at my tasks, I don’t need praise to know I’m doing a good job.

Your favourite quote:

Life is only what you make of it anyway.

What would you never do?

Julie would never..... 

Picking up a spider. As a rule, I don’t like anything with more legs than I have, and spiders will make me freak out.