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About 2buy2

At 2buy2, we’re not just passionate about procurement; we’re driven by a vision.

Transforming Procurement, Impacting Communities

At the heart of 2buy2’s inception lies a story of purpose and dedication.

Founded in 2009 by Rob Kissick, in collaboration with his brother-in-law, Russell Stables, 2buy2 emerged from a shared commitment to making a difference.

Their vision was clear: to create a company that not only assisted churches in reducing operational costs through efficient procurement but also contributed to the broader community.

Beyond profit, 2buy2 was born with the belief that businesses should have a clear social value and actively contribute to society in diverse ways.

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meet the team

Behind every successful vision, there’s a team who breathes life into it. At 2buy2, our journey is steered by a group of passionate professionals who are dedicated to our mission.

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Our values:

At 2buy2, our core values are not just words on paper; they are the guiding principles that drive every aspect of our work. We believe in excellence as a standard, integrity as our foundation, passion as our fuel, providing value for money as our commitment, and treating every interaction with respect.

Value for moneyWe will focus on helping organisations to reduce their costs without compromising quality.
IntegrityWe will always do what's right for our customers. Our relationships will be built on trust and honesty.
PassionWe will work with a determination to create the best buying solutions for our customers.
ExcellenceWe will take pride in our work, always looking for ways to give our customers the best possible service and support.
RespectWe will treat our colleagues and customers the way in which we would want to be treated, at all times.
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Why Choose Us?

Transformational solutions: We don’t just promise change; we deliver it. Experience a procurement journey that transcends the norm. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to streamlined processes, compliance, and confidence.

Differentiation in the market: At 2buy2, excellence isn’t just a goal; it’s our standard. Our dedicated procurement experts and customer services team offer unwavering support, tailored advice, and proactive guidance personalised to your unique needs.

Maximising resources: We’re committed to your prosperity. By maximising your existing and future resources, we empower you to thrive. Our strategic alignment forges enduring relationships and drives mutual success.

Empowering partnerships: Beyond transactions, we build lasting partnerships. With us, expect not just advice, but strategic counsel, effective education, and unwavering supplier protection.

our platforms

Education Buying: We specialise in addressing challenges like compliance complexities, tendering frameworks and contract management. Our solutions are tailored for public sector procurement, easing resource constraints and streamlining processes for schools and trusts.

2buy2 Energy: Knowing who to trust to reduce energy costs  can be stressful. 2buy2 Energy has worked with thousands of organisations as an energy broker, helping them lower costs, go greener, and de-risk their energy portfolio.

Church Buying: Churches are under increasing pressure to maximise resources. We help churches save money through great contracts with proven suppliers – enabling you to put resources into your community and mission.

Education Buying Group: The Education Buying Group is a Public Sector Buying Organisation consisting of multi-academy trusts. We deliver compliant buying solutions specifically for the education sector. 

MaintenanceBooker: is a service brought to you by 2buy2, which makes it easy for churches, chapels and historic buildings to access the highest standard of building maintenance services.

our partnerships

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Church of England: 2buy2 partnered with the Church of England to establish Parish Buying, the Church of England’s and Church in Wales’ online procurement service. The service runs across England and Wales with over 22,000 registered users, ranging from small rural parishes to large cathedrals. 

Churchmarketplace: As the strategic procurement partner to the Catholic Church for their 2,100 schools across England and Wales, 2buy2 works with ChurchMarketPlace at a national and diocesan level to develop a strategic sourcing and category management plan to deliver savings for schools both within the catholic faith and across the wider education sector.

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Welsh Sports Association: 2buy2 is a proud partner of the Welsh Sports Association, covering all their sport and leisure procurement services. We support WSA members, providing them with comprehensive, managed procurement that focuses on delivering the best outcome for all eligible leisure centres across the UK.