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Solution type: DPS

External Audit

Managing budgets while securing dependable external audit services can be challenging. Our solution provides assistance in locating the ideal contract for your needs.
For: Public Sector, Private Sector

Discover a streamlined and regulation-compliant approach to acquiring external audit services with our DPS. Embrace a PCR15-compliant method that simplifies market access through an effortless Further Competition process.

Why Choose our External Audit Services DPS?

Our DPS offers a user-friendly experience with ready-to-use Further Competition documents, including step-by-step instructions and detailed guides.

Benefit from expert support, as our team checks documents for accuracy, ensuring your external audit service aligns with your business needs.

Enjoy flexibility with a range of model specifications in our Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), allowing you to tailor the audit contract to your specific requirements.

Benefits of our external audit Services DPS

Supplier Network

Secure great contracts with reputable suppliers by using our clear and simple templates. All suppliers have been assessed on both a quality and commercial basis.

Simple to use

User-friendly experience with ready-to-use Further Competition documents and step-by-step instructions provided for easy navigation.

Specification options

Choose from different templates, including a risk-based approach or a more traditional schedule of audits, providing flexibility to tailor the audit contract to your requirements.