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Transformative Procurement

Simple monthly packages to guide you towards procurement maturity. You pick each month which strategic activities need to be carried out that will make the biggest difference for your organisation. 

energy solutions

Many organisations are looking to save money on energy bills, reach carbon goals or create an income stream through hosting EV charge points. 2buy2 Energy Solutions makes sure that you are getting the best deal and covers you with innovative solutions.

Regulated by:

operational procurement

Procurement Retainer
For: Private Sector
Our Procurement Retainer Service is the answer to your immediate procurement needs and long-term aspirations.
Tender Management
For: Public Sector & Private Sector
End-to-end managed tender support for any procurement area
Done For You Contract Register
For: Public Sector & Private Sector
Effortlessly manage and track your contracts with our intuitive contract register tool

Buying Solutions

Whether you’re seeking stability through frameworks or flexibility with a DPS, we have readymade solutions to meet your specific needs.

For: Public Sector & Private Sector
Struggling to find the right accountancy and financial services to maintain accurate financial records? Explore our compliant and customisable solution
Accountancy And Financial
Audio Visual
For: Public Sector & Private Sector
Explore a world of innovative solutions, from sound systems to visual displays, all meticulously designed to transform your space with our Audio Visual Framework
Catering Services
For: Public Sector & Private Sector
With our Catering Services procurement, you’re not just acquiring catering services, you’re encouraging healthier and more sustainable food consumption.
For: Public Sector & Private Sector
Are you looking for a streamlined and regulation-compliant method of procuring cleaning services for your organisation?
Cleaning Services
External Audit
For: Public Sector & Private Sector
Managing budgets while securing dependable external audit services can be challenging. Our solution provides assistance in locating the ideal contract for your needs.
Fire Safety
For: Private Sector
Introducing our fire safety framework: prioritising protection, ensuring safety
For: Public Sector & Private Sector
Our HR and Payroll DPS is a comprehensive solution for awarding efficient workforce management contracts
Hr &Amp; Payroll
Legal Services
For: Public Sector & Private Sector
Our Legal Services Framework can help you secure great contracts with reputable suppliers
Office Supplies And Stationery
For: Public Sector & Private Sector
Access our Office Supplies and Stationery Framework for efficiency and organisation
For: Public Sector & Private Sector
Improve your business operations with cutting-edge print solutions and digital transformation services including photocopier and printer contracts
Print Solutions
Solar Energy
For: Private Sector
Access cutting-edge solar energy solutions through our procurement framework for sustainable power
Telecoms: Landline, Broadband
For: Public Sector & Private Sector
Seamless connectivity for your business with a next-level Telecoms Framework for Landline and Broadband Solutions

bespoke procurement retainers

Are you facing gaps in your procurement team due to absence or the need for temporary support? Unsure if investing in a procurement professional is the right choice before committing long-term?