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Procurement Training

Upskill your team with our specialised Procurement Training Sessions, an integral part of implementing your new Procurement Strategy or Policy.
For: Public Sector, Private Sector

Specialised Procurement Training

Our CIPS-qualified professionals deliver interactive sessions tailored to your team’s needs, ensuring comprehensive understanding and practical application of procurement fundamentals. Accessible either on-site or remotely, our sessions offer practical insights and real-world applications, empowering your team to contribute effectively to your Procurement Strategy.

Whether it’s an initiation or a refresher, our sessions cover diverse procurement best practices, designed specifically for professionals aspiring to enhance their procurement acumen.

Tailored procurement training sessions. Key features:

  • customised curriculum

    Covering a spectrum of procurement best practice topics.

  • CIPS-qualified professionals

    Delivering expert guidance remotely or on-site.

  • tailored delivery

    Catering to individuals or groups for flexible learning.

  • Accessible Expertise

    Ideal for non-procurement professionals seeking knowledge enhancement.

Boost your procurement expertise with our specialised training

No simpler way exists to transform your organisation’s procurement than with our services. 

We provide different packages granting access to expert tools and guidance, enabling you to achieve procurement maturity faster.

Our services cover Procurement Maturity Assessment, Spend Analysis, Strategic Procurement Strategy, Policies & Procedures, Sustainable Procurement, Contract Management, and more.

Choose from our subscription plans – Rapid (£5,300/month) or Boosted (£7,999/month) – offering a range of services and benefits. 

Get started today and witness your procurement practices reach new heights effortlessly.

Want to transform your procurement?

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Find out how to build a solid procurement foundation for your organisation that doesn’t require in-house skills.

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