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Tender Management

End-to-end managed tender support for any procurement area
For: Public Sector, Private Sector

comprehensive managed tender support services

Elevate your procurement process with our Managed Tender Support services, tailored for any spending area or category. 2buy2 specialises in comprehensive support, from initial documentation drafting to contract award, ensuring a streamlined and effective tendering process for both public (PCR2015) and private tender processes.

2buy2 takes a proactive and strategic approach to ensure your organisation’s tendering requirements are met with precision, efficiency, and transparency. Here’s how we make it happen:

  • needs identification and planning

    We collaborate with your organisation to identify and understand your specific needs for the tender process. We work closely to plan the entire tender lifecycle, considering project scopes, budgets, and timelines.

  • market research and stakeholder engagement

    We conduct thorough market research to gather insights into potential suppliers, market trends, and competitive landscapes. We engage with stakeholders to understand their requirements, expectations, and any specific considerations for the tender.

  • specification and documentation

    We consult extensively on specifications, ensuring a clear and detailed outline of your organisation's requirements. We will provide best practice tender documentation to ensure a fair and equal process and demonstrate value for money through robust evaluation methodologies.

  • guidance and pre-procurement phase

    We provide guidance on best practices and industry standards for tendering processes. We issue necessary documents and guides to stakeholders, ensuring a smooth pre-procurement phase.

  • e-tendering technologies

    We will run your tender process through a fully electronic online tendering portal which provides both assurance to buyers and suppliers that the process is being managed effectively and fairly with full audit trails.

  • collaborative approach

    We work closely with your team throughout the tender process, maintaining open communication and addressing any concerns or modifications promptly. We collaborate on refining project scopes, adjusting budgets, and adapting timelines as needed.

  • bid evaluation and negotiation

    We manage the bid evaluation process, employing a fair and transparent methodology. We facilitate negotiations with potential suppliers, ensuring favourable terms and conditions for your organisation.

  • post-tender support

    We provide support beyond the tender award, addressing any post-award issues that may arise.

Achieve Effortless Tendering

Experience a streamlined tendering process designed to secure the best possible contracts while simplifying the negotiation phase. Partner with us for managed tender support that ensures a seamless procurement journey

benefits of a managed tender from 2buy2

Ready to unlock procurement excellence? By leveraging the services of our procurement experts, your organisation can navigate the complexities of the tendering process with confidence, ensuring optimal outcomes, and maximising the value derived from supplier relationships.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in procurement. Get in touch with us today to elevate your tendering experience and drive unparalleled success in your procurement endeavours!