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Do you aspire to reach procurement maturity, yet the path seems daunting?

That’s where we step in. Offering packages that grant you access to the tools and expertise to transform your organisation’s procurement.

Achieve your procurement goals easier and faster.

do you have the time and skills to take your organisation to transformative procurement?

Transformative Procurement

we can do it for you, so you don't struggle with procurement transformation.

Work with our procurement experts to transform your organisation's procurement maturity.

Build a solid procurement foundation for your organisation that doesn’t require any in-house skills.

we will take your organisation to procurement excellence, no massive budget required.

You get to choose from the following services each month:

2Buy2 Procurement Solutions Sq Risk Assessment

Procurement maturity assessment

Our comprehensive Procurement Maturity Assessment is a detailed twelve point review of your organisation’s procurement function to gauge its effectiveness, efficiency, and overall maturity level in managing its purchasing processes, benchmarked with best practice procurement. The assessment focuses on both the strategic and operational elements of procurement from procurement strategy, policy, process, to operating model, competency and practice.


A full maturity report that benchmarks the performance of your procurement against four levels of maturity identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Spend analysis

A Spend Analysis is a great way of obtaining ‘spend visibility’, which is the first step to gaining better control of your organisation’s purchasing and growing in procurement maturity. The spend analysis process takes historical expenditure data to identify patterns, trends, and areas of potential improvement and provides a roadmap for better procurement control, risk reduction and savings opportunities.


A comprehensive spend analysis report, by category area. It offers insights, enabling the creation of objectives for growth in procurement maturity. This analysis fuels the enhancement of procurement strategy, efficiency, cost savings, and the consolidation of suppliers.

2Buy2 Procurement Solutions Wide Spend Analysis
2Buy2 Procurement Solutions Sq Strategic Solutions

Procurement Strategy

An important stage in procurement maturity, our Procurement Strategy support will create a bespoke Procurement Strategy aligned with your organisational objectives that sets out a roadmap of procurement maturity, covering all key areas of best practice procurement.


A fully drafted and board ready Procurement Strategy with associated action plan.

Policies and Procedures

An important step in achieving better procurement control and cost/risk management, our best practice Procurement Policy and Procedures are bespoke to your organisation. Often an outcome of the Procurement Strategy, the Procurement Policy provides the organisational procurement lead with the tools necessary to improve procurement compliance, best practice and improved governance. 


A bespoke Procurement Policy, associated procurement processes and suite of procurement templates aligned with the policy. Delivering better outcomes relating to savings, efficiencies and colleagues who are clear on the process.

2Buy2 Procurement Solutions Sq New 67
2Buy2 Procurement Solutions Sq Contract Register

Contract Management: Contracts Register

Implementing effective contract management systems using a contract register.


Streamlines negotiations, oversees contract lifecycles and monitors compliance to mitigate risks.

Sustainable and Ethical Procurement

Many organisations wish they could do more with their spending power when it comes to sustainability and ethical procurement. Now you can, with our sustainable and ethical procurement review. An initial assessment based on your existing procurement policies, strategies and templates to identify opportunities for specific improvements in establishing better sustainable and ethical procurement practices.


A comprehensive report with recommendations, benchmarking your organisation’s sustainable and ethical procurement practices against best practice and highlighting opportunities and solutions for improvement. Aligned with corporate social responsibility (CSR) and Economic Social Governance (ESG) goals and regulatory requirements.

2Buy2 Procurement Solutions Sq Sustainability
2Buy2 Procurement Solutions Sq Mitigation Plans

Training and Education

Forming part of the roll out of your new Procurement Strategy and/or Policy or simply as a refresher, our Procurement Training Sessions cover a wide range of procurement best practice topics which are aimed at non-procurement professionals who are seeking to improve their procurement knowledge.


Delivered via our CIPs-qualified professionals either remotely or on site to individual or groups.

For 15 years, we've helped over 6000 organisations transform their procurement, saving time and money.

We can do it for you too.

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Frequently asked questions

Great question! Our sign-up durations are flexible based on what suits your organisation’s needs best. You can sign up for one month, but for the best results, we recommend three months.

We’ve made it hassle-free! Our standard terms are 30-days after the invoice date.

Transformative Procurement is a specialised service designed to elevate your organisation’s procurement maturity level swiftly and effectively. It’s a comprehensive approach that offers different packages, providing access to tools and expertise to streamline and advance your procurement functions.

If you aspire to enhance your organisation’s procurement practices but find the process overwhelming, Transformative Procurement offers a solution. Our services are designed to assist in achieving procurement goals efficiently and expeditiously.

Our team of procurement experts collaborates with your organisation to initiate and guide the transformation of your procurement practices. By leveraging our services, you can build a robust procurement foundation without necessitating in-house expertise.

We’ll provide you with a detailed project plan that we’ll both agree to delivering. if there’s a delay on your side, then that work will be lost, but we’ll still invoice you. If in the event of unforeseen circumstances, (death, injury, etc.)  then this will be taken into account.

We love helping our clients! If you take out a 3-month or longer subscription, we’ll provide the first month free to complete a “procurement maturity assessment” to kick-start your transformation journey.

Communication is key! We’re flexible—whether it’s via email, phone calls, or virtual meetings, we adapt to your preferred mode to keep you in the loop at all times.

We have expertise across various industries, from public sector to manufacturing. Our adaptable approach allows us to serve diverse sectors with transformative procurement solutions.

Brilliant question! Improved procurement streamlines processes, cuts costs, and boosts efficiency. It can enhance your bottom line and operational effectiveness significantly.

It underpins the organisation’s objectives and social, economic and environmental values.

If you’re an expanding business and grappling with inefficiencies or seeking to elevate your procurement game, it’s likely the perfect time to explore how our services can make a difference.

It’s a simple process—just reach out to us via our contact page or phone, and our team will guide you through the steps to kickstart your procurement journey.

Absolutely! We have numerous success stories where we’ve helped businesses like yours achieve remarkable results. Let’s discuss these success stories in detail when we connect!

The timeline varies based on specific needs, but our goal is to deliver tangible results as efficiently as possible, ensuring you see improvements sooner rather than later.

Absolutely! Our services are designed to scale with your business. We ensure our solutions evolve to meet your expanding procurement needs seamlessly.

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