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Procurement Strategy

We craft a Procurement Strategy aligned with your organisational objectives. Elevate procurement maturity with a fully drafted strategy and action plan for optimal growth.
For: Public Sector, Private Sector

our tailored procurement strategy aligns with your organisational objectives

Advance your procurement maturity with our bespoke Procurement Strategy support. Our service tailors a strategy aligned precisely with your organisational objectives, delineating a roadmap for procurement maturity across critical best practice areas.

How it works... 

  • needs assessment

    We begin by conducting a thorough needs assessment with key stakeholders to understand the organsation's goals, challenges, and specific requirements.

  • stakeholder engagement

    We engage with key stakeholders, including executives, procurement staff, and end-users, to gather insights into their expectations, requirements, and concerns.

  • current state analysis

    We conduct an in-depth analysis of the current procurement processes, policies, and practices. Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to form a baseline understanding of the existing procurement landscape.

  • market analysis

    We analyse external market factors, including supplier landscapes, market trends, and regulatory changes. This analysis helps in identifying potential opportunities, risks, and innovation within the procurement ecosystem.

  • risk assessment

    We evaluate potential risks associated with the procurement processes, such as legal and compliance risks, supply chain disruptions, or market volatility. We develop strategies to mitigate and manage identified risks.

  • resource planning

    We assess the required resources, including staff, technology, and training, to implement the procurement strategy successfully. We then develop a resource plan that aligns with your strategic objectives and budget constraints.

  • implementation roadmap

    We develop a detailed implementation roadmap that outlines the sequence of activities, timelines, and responsible parties. The steps required for strategy execution are clearly communicated.

Join the ranks of organisations benefiting from our tailored Procurement Strategy Service. 

Receive a fully drafted strategy with an associated action plan, ready for presentation to the board. Elevate your procurement practices effortlessly, aligning strategies with growth objectives and maximising organisational potential.

benefits of a procurement strategy

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