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Contract Management

Control contracts with effective contract management | procurement solutions
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Effective contract management with a contract register

Elevate your contract management with our Contracts Register service. Implementing effective contract management systems using a dedicated register streamlines negotiations, oversees lifecycles, helps avoid cost increases from expired contracts, avoids rolling contracts, ensures compliance, and mitigates risks seamlessly. Gain a robust framework that optimises your contract processes, fostering efficiency and risk reduction within your procurement strategies effortlessly.

How it works

  • needs assessment

    We conduct a thorough needs assessment with you to understand your specific requirements, goals, and challenges related to contract management. We identify the scope of services needed, such as contract negotiation, compliance monitoring, and performance tracking.

  • data gathering and contract inventory

    We collect all existing contracts and related documentation from your organisation. This includes contracts with suppliers, vendors, and other stakeholders. We create a comprehensive contract register, detailing key information for each contract, such as terms, expiration dates, obligations, and parties involved.

  • system implementation

    We implement a contract management system to organise and centralise the contract register to track and manage contracts efficiently.

  • data validation and cleanup

    We review and validate the accuracy of the contract information in the register, identify any discrepancies or missing details and work with you to rectify them. We clean up and organise the data to ensure it aligns with industry standards and best practices.

  • contract categorisation and prioritisation

    We categorise contracts based on their type, criticality, and strategic importance. Then prioritise contracts based on factors such as renewal dates, financial impact, and risk levels.

  • reporting and analysis

    We provide regular reports to you on the status of contracts, compliance levels, and any identified opportunities for improvement. We conduct periodic analysis to identify trends, risks, and areas for optimisation.

With our Contract Management service, you can effectively manage your contracts

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