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Solution type: DPS

Catering Services

With our Catering Services procurement, you’re not just acquiring catering services, you’re encouraging healthier and more sustainable food consumption.
For: Public Sector, Private Sector

Join us in revolutionising the way we approach catering services. We’re committed to building a healthier, more sustainable food ecosystem, one that supports local food businesses and reduces our environmental impact.

What does this framework cover?

This is a PCR15-compliant way to access the market via an easy Further Competition process for a fully managed, outsourced catering service.

  • Pre-vetted suppliers ensure a faster award process.
  • It has been split into geographical areas (Lots) so that national and local suppliers can offer their services.

Why Choose our Catering Services Framework?

Procurement frameworks embody a more strategic approach to purchasing. For businesses with limited resources, using a framework not only saves substantial time and money but also facilitates accountable decision-making for local requirements.

By opting for a procurement framework, you eliminate the hefty costs associated with conducting individual procurement exercises. Additionally, you gain assurance by tapping into the wealth of procurement expertise offered by a team of technical specialists. 

Choosing a procurement framework isn’t just about cost-saving; it’s a pathway towards efficiency, informed decision-making, and seamless contract management, ensuring smarter buying practices for your business.

Benefits of our catering Services framework

Supplier Network

Access a network of pre-vetted, trusted suppliers, guaranteeing quality and reliability in whatever catering services you procure.

Simple to use

Further Competition documents are issued and checked by us before processing, ensuring you get the right catering service to meet your needs.

social value

This framework includes social value as part of the assessed award criteria. This gives suppliers the opportunity to include social value outcomes that benefit the community.