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Sustainable Procurement

Sustainability goals? 2buy2 offers ethical and sustainable procurement solutions. Improve CSR, ESG, and compliance practices.
For: Public Sector, Private Sector

Optimising Sustainable Procurement Practices

Realise the potential of your spending power with our Sustainable and Ethical Procurement Review.

Our service pioneers sustainable and ethical procurement by assessing your existing policies, strategies, and templates.

We deliver a comprehensive report benchmarking your practices against industry standards, offering actionable recommendations to fortify sustainability, ethics, and compliance.

In-depth review for procurement effectiveness. Here's how we make it happen:

  • Comprehensive Assessment

    Analysing procurement policies for specific improvements in sustainability and ethics.

  • Actionable Recommendations

    Aligning practices with CSR, ESG goals, and regulatory requirements.

  • Benchmarking Report

    Comparing your practices against industry best practices.

  • Strategic Solutions

    Highlighting opportunities for improvement and ethical procurement advancements.

Discover the power of ethical procurement aligned with sustainability objectives

Ethical and sustainable procurement solutions from 2buy2 can offer a range of benefits, aligning your organisation with responsible business practices and contributing to long-term success. Here are several advantages:

Get started today and witness your procurement practices reach new heights, effortlessly.

No simpler way exists to transform your organisation’s procurement than with our services. 

We provide different packages granting access to expert tools and guidance, enabling you to achieve procurement maturity faster.

Our services cover Procurement Maturity Assessment, Spend Analysis, Strategic Procurement Strategy, Policies & Procedures, Sustainable Procurement, Contract Management, and more.

Choose from our subscription plans – Rapid (£5,300/month) or Boosted (£7,999/month) – offering a range of services and benefits. 

Want to transform your procurement?

this solution is part of our Transformative Procurement
monthly package

Find out how to build a solid procurement foundation for your organisation that doesn’t require in-house skills.

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