May's Kudos of the Month winner - Ben McGirr

Today we want to congratulate our very own Ben McGirr for his efforts in May!

Collecting a total of 10 Kudos throughout the month is quite the feat. Before we go into detail about Ben’s achievements this month, lets quickly explain how our Kudos system works.

Kudos is an awards system that we use to highlight an individual’s efforts, whether that be through excellent work, or outstanding support of their co-workers. Kudos awards are given from our colleagues so that we encourage each other and make sure hard work is noticed. The person with the most Kudos awards given to them at the end of the month wins a prize.

This month, Ben diligently supported his colleagues with some of the complex projects we have running at the moment. Our resident Category Procurement Specialist worked on tenders for 14 schools in the Manchester area, with the commitment to save them money.

Ben oversaw the entire tender process from start to finish, drafting and evaluating documents, keeping in contact with each school and ensuring that their needs are met in their new contracts. Eventually, after all the hard work, many of the schools ended up with substantial savings when compared to their current contracts!

That was not all though, he then proceeded to publish two significant tenders for a Muti-Academy Trust that consisted of 15 locations! The dedication and expertise shown by Ben had not gone unnoticed by the rest of us.

Fun fact, over the bank holiday weekend, Ben completed his first 18 holes of golf since picking up the game back in October of last year. Golfing world watch out, you got a new challenger on your hands!

We feel truly lucky to have Ben in our team and can’t wait to be able to celebrate with him when the time comes. Well done, Ben!