November's Kudos of the Month Winner - Ross Thomas

Today we want to congratulate Ross Thomas on winning Kudos of the Month for November!

Ross is our IT Support Specialist; it’s a role that changes every day. He is in contact with any member of staff at any given point in the work week, assisting in any variety of IT technical support. Whenever a support ticket is raised, Ross is on hand to help out.

A typical day for Ross involves engaging with other members of 2buy2's staff to assist in IT support, build/upgrade hardware for any members of staff that need it and ensure the security of our data is kept up to date as well as being the most secure it can be.

It’s a busy role that requires him to constantly adapt and learn in order to make sure 2buy2 stays up to date in their cybersecurity and technological prowess. His efforts throughout November landed him 8 Kudos!

November has been an especially busy month for Ross, he has focused heavily on moving the company away from our traditional infrastructure to a more cloud-based set up. As part of this, he has also been the lead in migrating each team within the company over to SharePoint; creating tutorials and setting up webinars to help those that require help with onboarding during the process.  

He has also been helping with preparative testing to improve each member of staff’s work machines. This has involved liaising with every member of 2buy2 to find the best time where they can safely meet up in person or come into the office so that upgrades can be done. This requires a lot of care, attention and technical knowledge but Ross manages to take it in his stride.

His dedication and jovial nature make him a constant pleasure to work with, he is reliable and happy to help out with any problem you may have.

We are extremely thankful for all the hard work accomplished by Ross every day, we couldn’t be happier that his efforts are being recognised and celebrated!