My work experience with 2buy2 - Jamie-Leigh

Published: Wednesday 7th August 2019 at 10:04

My time at 2buy2 was spent learning about sides of marketing that I didn’t know existed from Irina, the Marketing Assistant at 2buy2. When I first began my week of work experience, I had a vague idea of what marketing was and how it was carried out, and I had an idea of the kind of marketing I was interested in. However, on my first day, to my surprise, I was able to learn about a side of marketing that I didn’t really know existed, what goes on behind the campaigns and emails.
I mentioned that I was very interested in social media marketing specifically, and I wanted to learn about what worked on social media and what didn’t. I began by writing posts for social media by using information from the website. This was exciting as I had to interpret the content and use language that was incisive and interesting.
Once I had done this, I was then introduced to a website that would enable me to use images to go along with these posts on the social media pages. From the end of day one I had an inkling that I was going to have a very fascinating week ahead of me. This was a good way for me to build my research skills.
Over the course I have really been able to expand my knowledge. I have been able to learn about what makes a good presence on social media and what steps companies like 2buy2 need to take in order to reach their target market across social media platforms. Irina gave me some fantastic resources to read on how to get the most out of your social media platforms which I then used in a presentation to show the rest of the marketing team. I am glad that I was given the opportunity to present to the team and that they listened to my ideas.
2buy2 intern, Jamie-Leigh
Jamie-Leigh, marketing intern at 2buy2
I am very grateful for the time I have spent at 2buy2; I have gained knowledge and experience that I would’ve failed to gain elsewhere. Irina was incredibly helpful and guided me through every task and made me feel at ease.
If you consider visiting 2buy2 for your work experience, my advice would be to research the company before you arrive. It’s good to have an understanding of what procurement is and what the aims and visions of 2buy2 are and how your sector of experience fits into that. While I don’t plan on marketing for a procurement company in the future, I have learned transferable skills that will help me to progress in my future career.