What does Kudos mean to us?
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What does Kudos mean to us at 2buy2?

At 2buy2, we want to celebrate the hard work of our colleagues. One of the ways we wanted to do this was through an independent piece of software that grants everyone the ability to award their co-workers for their efforts.

We didn’t want an arbitrary metric that relied on management, we wanted a rewards-based system that allowed anyone in 2buy2 to recognise and be recognised for their efforts.

From that, the Kudos system was created.

What is Kudos?

Deriving from the Greek word ‘Kydos’ meaning magical glory, kudos was a term that saw its most popular usage in the 19th century. Originally used as a slang word by scholars in British universities, it referred to the prestige or renown someone gained through a noteworthy accomplishment.

We felt the word best fit what we were hoping to highlight in our team members: recognition for noteworthy accomplishments and earning the renown that those achievements deserve.

Kudos is an online software, something that has been especially useful while we work remotely. Maintaining morale through what has been an undeniably difficult time is important to us, making sure we all feel valued and that our work matters, is paramount.

On the software, you can award a colleague based on specific values that they have shown through their work. These values are called 2buy2’s Viper Values.

What are the Viper Values?

  • 2buy2 revolves around a set of values that govern what we do and how we do it. These are the Viper Values:

    • Value for Money
    • Integrity
    • Passion
    • Excellence
    • Respect

These values embody the spirit of 2buy2. We focus on helping organisations reduce their costs without compromising quality. We will always do what’s right for our customers, with our relationships being built on trust and honesty.

We are determined to create the best buying solutions for our customers, taking pride in our work while looking for ways to give them the best possible experience and support. Finally, we will always treat customers and colleagues the way we would want to be treated.

It’s these values the Kudos system is based upon. Each value is a category that allows a colleague to distinguish what another colleague or department is being rewarded for.

What do we do with Kudos?

As previously mentioned, our Kudos system is online. This lets us create a leader board to celebrate the people who have earned the most Kudos over a weekly, monthly and annual period. This information is used during our weekly all-team meetings, where the top Kudos winner of each week is announced, and a prize is given.  

At the end of each month our Kudos of the Month Winner is announced!

The winners get a reward of chocolate, a voucher, or lunch with the CEO, and gets celebrated across both our social media channels and website. We feel it is important to celebrate our most decorated Kudos winners for their hard work and dedication.

Our CEO had this to say about our Kudos system:

“Staff regularly talk about 2buy2 having a family-like culture where everyone supports each other, has their back, and we want each other to succeed in what we do individually and collectively.

Our culture is dictated by, and reinforced through, our values of Value for Money, Integrity, Passion, Excellence and Respect.

Our Kudos system is built around celebrating our fantastic people and particularly the times when someone in 2buy2 sees another team member demonstrate those values. It is about taking the time to say thanks and well done for demonstrating those values in your day-to-day work.

I love the diversity of the reasons why Kudos is given. Kudos is a way of showing that, whatever your role in 2buy2, you are valued by the wider team. As CEO, I see that as a critically important aspect of continually building our family culture.”

Robert Kissick, CEO

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