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Procurement Consultant


I’m a Procurement Consultant and have worked for 2buy2 since 2021. I work largely within the charity sector and occasionally within the education sector, helping them save money and remain compliant with the procurement exercises we run.

What do you like about working at 2buy2?

Working with such a great team and knowing the value we are adding to the charity and education sectors.

How are you changing the world for our clients?

By giving them help and support in their procurement when they need it, helping them save money which will in turn allow for more budget for their core mission.

What's the most important 2buy2 value and why?

Integrity is the most important value, it helps build lasting relationships with our clients and team mates.

What are your interests?

Family first and foremost, but when I do get a bit of time I enjoy fishing, playing snooker, going for long walks and when I’ve actually got the tv for a bit watching the football (Swansea).

Your favourite quote:

Never look down on anyone unless you are lending a hand up

What would you never do?

Lee would never..... 

Climb high up a ladder, I draw the line at heights.