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2buy2 is partnering with the Welsh Sports Association!

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2buy2 has always had a keen focus on helping organisations save more money. We are proud of that and proud of the lengths we will go to positively impact another’s day. It’s great to see that there are others out there that share this goal, and when we find these people, organisations or associations, we try to work with them closely.

Which is why we are very excited to announce that we are entering into a partnership with the Welsh Sports Association (WSA), covering all their Sport and Leisure procurement services!

For many years, the WSA have been a strong voice in empowerment of people’s lives in the sport and leisure industry. Focusing on collaboration and support, they truly care for their members and focus on their vision of ‘A Vibrant, Active, Nation’.

Our agreement covers members of the WSA, as well as Community Leisure UK (CLUK), providing them with comprehensive, managed procurement that focuses on delivering the best outcome for all eligible leisure centres across the UK.

We plan on delivering the best outcome for our partner by utilising our expertise and solutions to offer a wide range of procurement options that any eligible organisation will be able to take advantage of.

These include:

Online procurement portal for the Sport and Leisure sector:

Launching in August 2022. Any eligible organisation will have access to our 2buy2 portal, providing self-service access to:   

  • A wide range of approved supplier lists
  • Framework agreements
  • Quotes and pricing (from pre-accredited suppliers)
  • Accessed via a request for quote (RFQ) form free of charge.

Within the portal is also our series of freely accessible best practice procurement guides, templates and procedures, created by our procurement professionals.

Contracts Register tool:

As part of our portal service, 2buy2’s online contracts register tool will be provided to all those eligible for free. 

The contracts register is an all-in-one contract tracking tool that will inform organisations via automatic reminders of when a contract expiration is upcoming, so that they can use that time to go out to tender without the stress of a deadline quickly approaching. 

Procurement ‘Health Check’:

All eligible users will also have access to a procurement ‘health check’ provided by us. The check involves a 30-minute consultation with our experienced procurement professionals, discussing key areas of support that may be required and how we can implement it.  

The ‘health check’ will be accessed via our previously mentioned procurement portal as well as on the WSA Helpline service offered on the WSA website. 

Net Zero Carbon products and support:

If your organisation is moving towards becoming carbon neutral, our Net Zero Carbon products will help. These options include, green energy and power options, lighting solutions, air-sourced heating and electric vehicle charging points.

(Note: Electric vehicle charging points can be a revenue generating service. If you’re interested please make sure to get in touch with us here.)

There are a number of 2buy2 solutions that will be replicated for eligible users of the Sport and Leisure Procurement Service agreement. Including:

  • Solar PV
  • LED Lighting
  • Net Zero Heating Solutions
  • Net Zero Consultancy Services (priced on a project-by-project basis)
  • Electrical Vehicle Charging Points

Additional Strategic Cost Transformation Procurement support:

If you require any procurement services outside of this agreement, such as:

  • A requirement above PCR2015 thresholds for public spending
  • A bespoke request where spend cannot be aggregated with another organisation
  • A detailed spend analysis
    Compliance and Governance support
  • Net Zero Consultancy services


A fee may incur and a separate agreement between 2buy2 and your organisation will be required. There is, however, an agreed discounted daily rate available to all eligible users so don’t be afraid to enquire!

Finally, there are many other services that we have not listed here that will be available on the portal, so we recommend you take some time to have a look, you may find the perfect solution for your organisation in the process.

We look forward to working closely with the Welsh Sports Association and Community Leisure UK in the coming years, we can’t wait to see the positive impact this brings.

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