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How 2buy2's Sustainable Procurement Approach is Creating a Positive Social Impact

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Dive into the intersection of education and procurement with Geraint Williams, the Head of Sales whose keen insights redefine the landscape of acquiring educational resources.
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At 2buy2, our unwavering dedication to sustainability and ethical practices drives every aspect of our business. From the suppliers we work with to the services we offer to you, we prioritise sustainability and ethical considerations in our decision-making processes.

Revolutionising Supplier Selection

Our commitment to sustainability begins with a meticulous evaluation process for suppliers seeking inclusion in our frameworks and dynamic purchasing systems. We meticulously assess potential partners, scrutinising their environmental track record, labour practices, and community involvement. By prioritising suppliers who share our dedication to sustainability, we foster positive impacts in the communities where they operate.

Harnessing the Power of Social Value

While incorporating social value criteria into tenders may not be legally mandated, we understand the transformative potential of procurement decisions. That’s why we actively encourage making social value a decisive factor when awarding contracts. At 2buy2, we strive for our frameworks to deliver tangible and significant community-level benefits, empowering charities, organisations and the communities they serve.

Embedding Sustainability in Products and Services

We integrate sustainability into the products and services we offer to our clients. For example, we advise clients on sustainable procurement practices, such as selecting suppliers based on their sustainability performance and considering the environmental impact of products and services.

At 2buy2, we firmly believe that sustainability and ethics are vital for the success and responsibility of any business. Our unwavering commitment extends throughout every aspect of our operations, from our choice of suppliers to the quality of products and services we provide. By taking a leadership role in sustainable and ethical procurement practices, we are shaping a future that is more sustainable and equitable for all.

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