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Case Study:
Age UK

Commencing as an initial Procurement Maturity Review, our collaboration with Age UK has evolved into the establishment of a comprehensive strategic and operational procurement function for the entire charity. Since March 2020, 2buy2 has been dedicated to delivering continuous, professional procurement support, guidance, and expertise through our seasoned charity procurement consultants.

The Objective

In addressing the initial fragmented and reactive state of procurement within large charities, 2buy2’s primary objective in partnering with Age UK was to align procurement activities with the charity’s mission and broader strategy. Our aim was to transform procurement into a cohesive and proactive force that propels the realisation of the charity’s objectives.

The Challenge

Diversity of operations

The complexity of procurement in large national charities arises from several inherent challenges associated with their scale and size. National charities often engage in a multitude of activities to fulfill their mission. This diversity leads to a wide range of goods, services, and works being required, each with its unique procurement considerations.

Our Solutions

A new Procurement Strategy

After a thorough examination, a comprehensive Procurement Strategy has been developed, introducing key enhancements. This includes the establishment of strategic procurement support tailored for the entire charity. This strategic initiative aims to provide targeted assistance in procurement processes, ensuring alignment with the overarching goals of the charity. The focus on strategic procurement support signifies a proactive approach to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and contribute positively to the charity's broader mission.

The Results

Our strategic approach to procurement at Age UK encompasses a multifaceted transformation aimed at elevating its profile throughout the charity. By positioning procurement as a key facilitator of charitable objectives, we have successfully reduced costs, enhanced operational efficiency, and directed additional funds towards the overarching mission. Furthermore, our concerted efforts have focused on mitigating risks and fostering stronger supplier relationships, ensuring a more resilient and sustainable procurement ecosystem. Additionally, we have proactively identified opportunities for social value outcomes, aligning these with the core mission of the charity. To streamline operations and optimise resource allocation, we have implemented top-tier best practices in procurement, resulting in a significant reduction in staff time, costs, and efforts, thereby maximising the impact of every charitable endeavour.

The Impacts & Benefits

The outcomes for Age UK are tangible and impactful, including improved procurement practices, cost and efficiency savings, more robust contracts, strengthened supplier relationships, and a positive contribution towards Age UK’s crucial mission and charitable aims.

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