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Case Study:

Following an initial meeting at a charity event some years ago, the partnership between 2buy2 and Livability has blossomed into a collaborative effort on various projects. Overcoming challenges associated with a problematic experience involving a rogue energy broker, Livability now aims to focus on optimising energy procurement for cost savings while preemptively mitigating potential future expenses.

The Objective

Empowered with the responsibility of managing Livability’s energy meters, 2buy2 is committed to sustaining and expanding cost savings, particularly within the energy contracts domain. To thwart the recurrence of rogue energy broker incidents, 2buy2 is undertaking initiatives such as bill validation for accuracy, seamless handling of changes in occupancies to avoid unnecessary meter costs, and a progressive project involving the transition to smart meters.

The Challenge

Avoiding rogue brokers

A critical challenge involves preventing the re-entry of rogue brokers into Livability's energy procurement process. Livability previously encountered issues when an unauthorised person in their finance department inadvertently provided a signed Letter of Authority (LOA), resulting in multi-year contracts with multiple suppliers and renewed contracts at unfavourable rates.

Our Solutions

Spend visibility

Conducting a thorough spend analysis revealed previously overlooked areas of savings, including VAT charge refunds and energy bill overcharges, providing Livability with increased financial flexibility.

The Results

Through a collaborative effort with Livability’s Head of Property and Finance Director, 2buy2 assumed control of the charity’s energy contracts, with strict protocols in place to prevent unauthorised LOAs. The proactive communication strategy, including a letter to all suppliers, clarified 2buy2’s role in securing energy contracts for Livability, reinforcing transparency and control.

The Impacts & Benefits

This success story underscores the vital role that robust procurement policies and procedures play in minimising risks for charities and creating a positive impact. By embracing effective procurement practices, charities can safeguard their resources, ensure transparency, and bolster their ability to fulfil their mission.

"Having the support of 2buy2 in our procurement activities has been instrumental in our recovery. Continuing to collaborate with their knowledgeable team, we look forward to elevating our procurement strategies to further strengthen the charity's overarching mission."

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