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Case Study:

As the strategic procurement partner to the Catholic Church for their 2,100 schools across England and Wales, we have worked with ChurchMarketPlace at a national and regional (diocesan) level to develop a strategic sourcing and category management plan to deliver savings for schools both within the catholic faith and across the wider education sector. This included the development of a specific Public Sector Buying Organisation in partnership with them and some key multi-academy trusts.

The Objective

To launch frameworks and DPSs dedicated to education in order to support Catholic schools and MATs that can provide competitively priced products and services while focusing on social value.

The Challenge

Assisting churches and academies:

While academies sometimes do, Churches often do not have a dedicated procurement expert to help them through their contracts/tenders, it would be our job to ensure someone finding ChurchMarketPlace would be able to understand and be guided through each step of the procurement process.

Ensure suppliers reliability:

We needed to account for a supplier’s reliability and ensure they could uphold a standard high enough for the Catholic Church of England and Wales. We also needed to make sure social value was a priority for suppliers.

Adhere to strict deadlines:

Due to the nature of the contract on offer, it required constant attention from our procurement experts in order to make sure contracts were delivered in a timely manner.

Our Solutions

Extensive information available on website:

ChurchMarketPlace’s website includes an FAQ section as well as a lot of information covering how to sign up and how to contact the customer service team to alleviate any problems someone may have upon entering the site.

Expert vetting and analysis process:

Our procurement experts make sure to analyse a supplier’s capability and efficiency before allowing them to become part of the many solutions ChurchMarketPlace offers.

Dedicated procurement expertise:

By making sure we have a team of procurement experts on hand to work through any manner of contract requirement or tender, churches and academies can stop worrying about deadlines and complicated tenders.

The Results

Over the last 9 months the new service has grown from launch to over 500 schools engaged and using our services.

The Impacts & Benefits

Our category team currently have 5 frameworks/DPSs specific to the education sector with a further 4 in premarket consultation for launch in early 2022, with a combined spend in excess of £2bn.

Jennifer Williamson

Director at ChurchMarketPlace

ChurchMarketPlace’s Director – Jennifer Williamson has been on hand to make sure that our growth is well managed. Her drive and ability to embrace change has been a key factor in how we continue to innovate in the procurement space:
Education Buying Group Limited (EBG) has been established as a result of a collaborative vision and many years of both 2buy2 and Churchmarketplace (CMP) supporting and delivering fully compliant procurement solutions and services to the education, faith and charity sectors. To enable EBG to deliver best value, timely, tailored and compliant support, 2buy2 provide critical advice and guidance on the compliance needed appropriate to the relevant sector. In addition, 2buy2 also provide CMP with significant support with marketing of the service, back end systems and processes required to serve our rapidly growing member base. These are essential components for ensuring the success and growth of EBG and most importantly delivering the services our clients require.

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